An abundance of Gold, Silver, Copper and Sapphire Gems, are just a few of the precious resources to be found in Big Sky Country. Her soaring mountains, rivers, streams, and lakes are not only beautiful to behold, they offer a variety of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. Cattle, sheep and even buffalo are raised for market and personal use, the perfect environment to raise English Shepherds!


  Joy truly lives up to her name – Happy, well-mannered, peaceful and obedient. Super smart, willing, eager and quick to learn new things. Trained in basic obedience, rally obedience, scent work and agility.  She is officially registered with Pet Partners International as a Therapy Animal, thus well socialized to human interaction.
    Joy is a great companion during cross country skiing, hiking, kayaking and horseback trail rides. She is well socialized and plays well with other dogs.

    I plan to breed Joy for the first time in mid- to late May thus,

Puppies should be born mid-late July 2022 and available for adoption in early Fall.

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English Shepherds Are...

     One of the most versatile dogs, suited for most any lifestyle. Though individuals vary in temperament, aptitude and interest, generally speaking the overall characteristics of their breed include the following attributes.

  • The Perfect Farm Hand: Known for their instinctually expert herding ability, they possess agility, stamina, and stout hearted perseverance be it sheep, cattle, ducks, chickens (and/or wandering toddlers.)
  • Trail Dog: Great companions for those who like to ride horses, cross country ski, hike, or just plain meander along.
  • Companion Animal: If you’re the stay at home type, an English Shepherd has the “off-switch” that most herding breeds don’t possess. Their loving nature makes for a loyal devoted and attentive friend.
  • Therapy Animal: Due to their calm and intelligent nature they are well suited to the work of providing comfort and loving support to those in nursing care, hospital stays, group-homes…the list of opportunities for their healing presence is vast!  
  • Service Dog:  The temperament and intelligence of the English Shepherd often make them the ideal candidate for professional expert training as a service animal, for those in need of their specialized skills.
  • Recreational Sports: Agility, Nose-Work, Obedience and Rally to name just a few.
  • For more information on this amazing breed visit the English Shepherd Club.


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