Mary A .Mills

Author, Wife, Mother, Gramma, Sister, Friend, Massage Therapist, Lover of horses, dogs and (certain) cats. These are a few of the hats I wear, the life roles that I play.

Reading writing, gardening, enjoying the outdoors with friends, two legged and four. Skiing, swimming, horse and bicycle riding, eating out, sharing fine wine with friends. These are a few of my favorite things. (Break out in song at the top of the hill.) 

But beyond the hats I wear and the things that I do - My Human Doing, who am I, Mary A. Mills, The Human Being? My character qualities and the living breathing loves in my life - people, horses, dogs and (certain) cats - These are what make me truly human.

Resilient, tenacious, adventurous. These are some of the qualities that have been used to define the essence of my personality. Manipulative, mulishly stubborn and foolhardy are also words I have heard others mutter in frustration and that I honestly admit apply to some of my life choices.​ But if there is one redeeming thing to say about my poor choices - I am a good learner, maybe a bit slow sometimes, but I am teachable. 

When asked what schools I have attended, what is my background education, I would have to say that my greatest lessons have been learned in the School  of Hard Knocks. And because I have the greatest teacher one could ever hope for - The Almighty Head Master Himself - I am trusting Him to turn the stumbling blocks of my past into glorious stepping stones, guiding me into an adventurous future, filled with hope, joy and many more valuable lessons to learn as I grow in Him.

Won't you join me as I share my journey, through the pages of my books and blog posts?  And I invite you to share your thoughts and stories as well - interact with me and other readers through my Grace-Full Blog and on the comments section of this website, (on the contact page)  And may you be encouraged with each  nugget shared in my Joy-Full Pause Facebook posts. Together let us dare to hope for a new legacy - A Legacy of Grace. 

The Hats I wear, The Things I do, The person I am.

Illustration  by Ross Shoe

From the moment I first set out to become an author it has been my driving desire to share the incredible ways that God has moved in my life. 

  He has taken  the broken pieces of my fractured young life and  grown me into a thriving, whole and healthy woman.  From the rubble of previous generations as well as the fallout of my own poor choices , I strive through the power of the written word to build a new legacy -

A  Legacy of Grace.​​

 With God's help, I  resolve to write in such a way that you, my readers will be inspired and blessed -That you may even dare to hope for your life story to be made anew as you determine to build your own legacy of grace.