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 Writing my Father's Ledger has been an extraordinary journey of discovery and growth, which has led to a joy filled pathway of healing and freedom. I now look forward to sharing my story and pray that it inspire those in need of hope and encouragement to further their own path to healing and freedom.  Mary A. Mills

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A dog for every reason, A dog for every season.

Tails of Grace and Mercy  chronicles the delightful and amusing, as well  as the poignant, real life, hard stuff moments spent with my special four legged friends - each one sent from above, specifically for the lessons and the grace needed during the time we shared. Buoyed by their comforting presence, I was invariablly led into the arms of the ultimate Comforter, Teacher and Healer, my Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ. Readers are sure to be blessed by the love and devotion of the fur-bearing companions whose presence through the joys and sorrows of life helped me grow from a broken hearted  young adult into a mature, healthy woman.

Special Features:  Short stories from the lives of some really cool  "dog people" including; those who train these amazing creatures to serve in a variety of roles - As companions and aides to the physically challenged - As well as some of the lucky recipients of these four legged angels.  I will also introduce you to some folks  that train and work  alongside heroic rescue dogs, willing and eager to risk their own lives to save and assist others .

Tails of Grace and Mercy is certain to touch the heart strings of even the most stoic reader. 

      ..."[I] read it carefully. Well done. I liked the way you protected [your sister's] identity but kept the book factual     and the focus on the horrific acts perpetrated by Poole and others and covered up by the hierarchy ... [Rosie] is lucky to have you for a sister. I was honored to have been a part of [her] legal team, and still consider her a friend." 

Kenneth Roosa

 Retired Attorney. 

"Mary breaks unholy silence to give voice to the holy mystery where broken experience meets the hope of God's love. I'm honored to call this warrior-lady my friend. I applaud her courage."

Bonnie Keen

Author, Recording Artist, Actress. https://bonniekeen.com


Here's what some people are saying about My Father's Ledger

"Sadie" (Mercy)

"My Father's Ledger is a beautiful and hopeful picture of how God's love can bring beauty out of the ashes. A much needed comfort for so many."​ Basyle "Boz" Tchidijian

Professor of Law and founder of GRACE, Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment. www.netgrace.org

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Introduction to Tails of Grace and Mercy

"Mary, I loved your book. It grasped my heart from the beginning and held it until the final words of the last chapter. You are an exquisite writer." Sue Buchanan

 Author, Speaker, Literary Consultant. www.suebue.com


A New Work in Progress

Tails of Grace and Mercy

​Joy and Comfort Dressed in Fur Bearing Love​