Mary A Mills


​Welcome to  my little cabin nestled at the foothills of Montana's Bitterroot Mountain Range. Surrounded  by the beauty of God's amazing creation, this is the place where I do my best thinking, dreaming and writing. It's also the place that I share with a loving husband of 25 years, three horses, a beautiful golden tabby cat, and my newest puppy love, Miss Joy Bells.

These dear companions keep me plenty busy, caring for them every day.  Once the chores are done, and I come in from the cold, I'll throw a fresh log on the fire and brew myself a cup of tea. The cabin is cozy and warm and I find myself ready to take a bit of time to relax.

The only thing missing is you.  So won't you pull up a chair close to the wood stove and join me as together we relish in  a

                                                             Joy-Full Pause

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Joy-Full Pause ​​

 Uplifting thoughts - moments of reflection, oftentimes inspired by walks and snuggle time with my therapy dog, Miss Joy Bells, Pour yourself a cup of tea, take a deep breath, and join me for a joyful pause.

About the home page photo: This  picture was taken in  February. While much of the country is welcoming spring, many folks here  in Montana won't see completely bare ground until April.  Tune in then for an updated photo.

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