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Joy-Full Pause ​​

 Uplifting thoughts - moments of reflection, oftentimes inspired by walks and snuggle time with my therapy dog, Miss Joy Bells, Pour yourself a cup of tea, take a deep breath, and join me for a joyful pause.

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Mary A Mills


​Welcome to  my little cabin nestled at the foothills of Montana's Bitterroot Mountain Range. Surrounded  by the beauty of God's amazing creation, this is the place where I do my best thinking, dreaming and writing. It's also the place that I share with a loving husband of 25 years, three horses, a beautiful golden tabby cat, and my newest puppy love, Miss Joy Bells.

These dear companions keep me plenty busy, caring for them every day.  Once the chores are done, and I come in from the cold, I'll throw a fresh log on the fire and brew myself a cup of tea. The cabin is cozy and warm and I find myself ready to take a bit of time to relax.

The only thing missing is you.  So won't you pull up a chair close to the wood stove and join me as together we relish in  a

                                                             Joy-Full Pause


Available Now

My Father's Ledger

A captivating story of grace, survival and healing. 

Announcing a new work in progress

Tales of Grace and Mercy, My Canine Companions

Joy and Sorrow Dressed in Fur-Bearing Love

 follow along with me as the story unfolds,